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Jane Rongerude

Jane Rongerude is Assistant Professor of Community and Regional Planning at Iowa State University. he received her BS in Environmental Studies from Portland State University and her PhD and MCP from University of California, Berkeley.

Her research interests focus on the redevelopment of public housing and urban systems of poverty management. She is especially interested in the institutional and spatial arrangements related to poverty management systems. Within these systems, she investigates how poverty is being dispersed, shifted and reformed within the urban landscape. As a result of these areas of inquiry, she has developed a strong foundation in the areas of revitalization, housing policy, and community development. 

Current projects include an investigation of San Francisco's Hope SF project and the redevelopment of public housing in San Francisco, development of a special methodology for assessing the affordable housing inventory in Polk County, Iowa, and "Shifting the geographies of community development in Iowa: 30 years of the state CDBG program

Poverty Housing as Space and Process: Strategies of Making Do

Iowa State University

Department of Architecture

April 4-5, 2016