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Antonio Petrov

Antonio Petrov received his doctoral degree in the history and theory of architecture, urbanism, and cultural studies from Harvard University. He is currently Assistant Professor at the University of Texas San Antonio. He is co-founder of the Harvard GSD publication New Geographies, founder and editor-in-chief of DOMA. In the past two years he also served as co-program director of the Expander at Archeworks in Chicago and Caudill visiting critic at Rice University. 

His research emphasizes on processes of urban and regional restructuring in relation to questions of how architecture as an expanded and geographically inspired idea structures, shapes and produces complex territories. He recently published his research in MONU, Manifest, MAS-Context, edited New Geographies Volume 5 “The Mediterranean: Worlds, Regions, Cities, and Architectures,” and currently works on a manuscript titled “Between Immersion and Total Autonomy”, a book on “Hydrogeographies”, and a new volume of Archeworks Papers

He taught at Rice University, Harvard University, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Northeastern University, Iowa State University, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Illinois Institute of Technology. He is also a recipient of a Fulbright fellowship, and has received several other grants, fellowships, and won international prizes and competitions in architecture, planning and design.

Weltbauen: Territory and the Architectural Imaginary


Iowa State University

Department of Architecture

April 4-5, 2016